Domiciled in the Moorish Divine and National Movement

To my Children…

This page is dedicated to Mj, Cj, Jaxen, and Aj. I gave you all a “J” so we would never be apart.

Although all of you were unlawfully ripped away from me, Inshallah this page finds you, and the answers you seek become clearer.

Daddy loves you.

I created a trust (Domus El Holding Company) for all of you, as to protect our property. Clearly we all can see the same being witnessed a trust, and a “divorce” complaint contradicting one another.

The bail bond is from this “Child Support” case:

This is the same Child Support case, of which I sent them a “Writ of Discovery” on 3:16 that was never responded to. So as it stands, I have no idea who the STATE OF MICHIGAN is aside from kidnappers, and human traffickers.

In the above case situation, I was ripped from the backseat of a car for asking these highwayman if I could see his identification after the operator of the vessel was stopped. After refusing to acknowledge my National Identification Card, the highwayman typed in my Zodiac “Born Date” in order to annex my Moorish Title to the above listed human trafficking case.

The prosecuting esquire informed me that the only reason I was trafficked was because of the Social Security Number.

The weird thing, is the social security number is tied to a massive bankruptcy.

But we are not bankrupt or insolvent.

This bankruptcy is tied to a legal status. You may have heard people call themselves “White, or Black”, these are legal statuses, and they want to force ALL of us into being bankrupt “Christian” property. This is why you all were taken. Let me show you.

Your dad is not negro, black, or colored. We are Moorish Americans, and from the absence of treaty enforcement, inclusion of fraud, misprision, and treason it would seem The Treaty of Peace and Friendship has been breached, as well as The Surrender Treaty of Granada. More importantly, The Treaty of Tripoli that explains the United States was not founded as a Christian government.

But in order to halfway function, you MUST have a 14th amendment ‘White, Black, American Indian, etc’ “Christian Name”.

Notice how on the left No Moor shall be “forced” to become a Christian against his will? Notice how Name, and Legal name both reference being “Christian”?

I am not Christian, nor can I be. Meaning none of you are Christian either.

We are Moorish American Moslems because I am, and we are descendants of Moroccans and born in “America”. Not the “United States, or U.S.” Because they are all bankrupt, and out of law. If you notice above, when you are out of law, you are “civilly dead”.

There are two things that are happening.

One, I will stop at nothing getting you all back. I want you all to realize that everyone is against me, but Dads are Superheros, and although majority of the world stands in my path, I will stop at nothing.

Two, I am making this page to test the spirit of people we call “family”. I’ve noticed alot of those who we deeply care about do not care about the relationship(s) you all have been robbed of, some have said things that make me think they are something other than what they portray. This page will prove if they are for the repair of my family, or against, because nothing here is based on fiction, and can be researched by any scholar.

Also, this page is for other dads and mothers who may not know this information in such a plain and straightforward way. I want the Moorish Melanated families to at least begin to start healing, and without acknowledging the current state of events, and the war being waged against our indigenous nationality, our children will continue to suffer for generations to come.

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