Domiciled in the Moorish Divine and National Movement

M.A.Sun Society

We the Moorish American indigenous people, of the M.oon A.nd Sun Society came together as one body on the sixteenth day of the month of October, Moorish year fourteen forty-two, christian calendar year two thousand and twenty-two.

This initial quorum was to submit ourselves to Allah as one civil and spiritual society bearing one free national name through the Divine and National Movement established by Prophet, Noble Drew Ali by the grace and mercy of Allah.

Once this living attestation has received one autograph from each of the three jus sanguines founders of the M.oon A.nd Sun Society this documentary will become a true and binding ratification and formation of an organized Moorish American indigenous government under the Divine Constitution and By-Laws established by Prophet Drew Ali, and our Moorish Zodiac Constitution.

Ratified on October twenty-eight Moorish Calendar year.

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