The point of this page is to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Negros, Blacks, Coloreds, Indians, Ethiopians, African-Americans are ALL of one National Moorish Family, and that family has been maliciously displaced. Everything here came from a book, newspaper, or the other valid source that can be found with diligent research. There exist no other page like this on the entire internet. This is for the uplifting of fallen humanity.

This is when it happened. This is when the Moors “lost” their Nationality. Naturalized by the 14th amendment, and/or “protected” as an Indian.
When we lost our Nationality, the Inquisitionist did everything they could to obliterate our illustrious history.

If you’ve made it this far, and absorbed everything here, please take a look at the Treason page.

This Page will be periodically updated, Please check back often. Updated 12/6/2021 Gregorian Calendar.