Domiciled in the Moorish Divine and National Movement

The Name Game

Noble is a Title of Nobility

Drew is a family name.

Ali is cultural name annexation.

Where’s the first name?

Why didn’t he call himself Noble Timothy Drew Ali?

49. Bro. T. Booker-Bey, Grand Natl. Treasurer said that when at a meeting where the Holy Prophet was present, he saw 10 Arabians, 5 Turks, 2 Chinese, and 1 Japanese join the Moorish Science Temple of America, and the Secretary asked the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali, “Prophet, these people have got their nationality, what should I put on their Nationality Card?” The Prophet said “The Moors were the first people, and all other people that use our name were adopted in to our tribe.

56. Bro. O. Payton-Bey G.S. of Branch Temple 25 (Ecorse, Michigan) said that the Holy Prophet said, “Let all old business stay as it is, and all new business, do it in your free national name.(The free national name is MOORISH AMERICAN whose tribal designation is EL and/or BEY)

89. Bro. J. Blakely Bey said that the Holy Prophet told the Moors to Not throw away your slave names (your family last name), because we have a birth-right under them. For the work that our ancestors did in slavery time, we will be paid off for this, and with compounded interest.”

209. Sister A. Brown El of Temple 4 and 25 said that the Holy Prophet said, “Some of you Moors are going to throw away your name, just for a morsel of bread.”

patria potestas, (Latin: “power of a father”), in Roman family law, power that the male head of a family exercised over his children and his more remote descendants in the male line, whatever their age, as well as over those brought into the family by adoption.

Chapter XLVIII

The End of Time and the Fulfilling of the Prophesies

7. Therefore we are returning the Church and Christianity back to the European Nations, as it was prepared by their forefathers for their earthly salvation.

8. While we, the Moorish Americans are returning to Islam, which was founded by our forefathers for our earthly and divine salvation.

9. The covenant of the great God-Allah: “Honor they father and they mother that thy days may be longer upon the earth land, which the Lord thy God, Allah hath given thee!”

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